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Restolin is one of the leading hair loss supplements in the market today. However, there are plenty of restolin review reviews which claim that this is just another hair loss supplement that lacks any real benefit to the consumer. Some of the claims include but not limited to that these products contain human growth hormone (HGH), which stimulates hair growth. It is also claimed that these supplements can aid in cholesterol management and even that they may promote blood vessel strength. All of these claims however are yet to be proven with scientific proof.

So what exactly is Restolin? This is a dietary supplement containing two capsules per day. This is usually taken by those who wish to promote hair regrowth without the use of medications or surgical procedures. The two capsules are each comprised of ten grams of high-grade sesame protein isolate, soy extract, calcium, zinc, vitamin B-6, niacin, and inositol. As you can see, this is a very concentrated and complex form of a supplement.

In reviewing the restolin facts, one thing that must be understood is that these two capsules work together to stimulate the body into producing more anti-inflammatory hormones. Scientific studies have shown that anti-inflammatory hormones such as cortisol help to reduce swelling and redness in the scalp as well as reducing inflammation throughout the body. That means that through using a combination of both Restolin and anti-inflammatory nutrients such as pine bark extract, the body can repair itself while at the same time promoting a rapid increase in new cells and fibers. There is a list of the proven benefits attached to this natural supplements.

With all the recent research being done in the area of natural remedies to help people grow hair faster, many wonder if there is any real benefit at all to taking this long term approach. Is it possible that by taking such a long term approach that there would be less likelihood for the supplement to actually work? While the short term results of taking a restolin supplement may be less than desirable, the results of longer treatment periods are almost guaranteed. In fact, reports have shown that almost every person who has taken this supplement has seen such fantastic results that they continue with the restolin treatments. This is due to the fact that this powerful and successful supplement has been clinically proven to work.

One of the things that make this supplement so successful is the inclusion of ingredients such as saw palmetto. This is a plant that is native to North America. The use of this herb has been found to help block DHT, a hormone that causes many men to lose hair. Another ingredient, green tea extracts, is also very effective at helping to block DHT. The combination of these two powerful ingredients makes for a powerful combination that not only blocks hair loss but also promotes hair regrowth.

The key to this hair loss treatment is two parts. First of all, it needs to block inflammation. And second, it needs to provide nutrients to hair follicles that are necessary for them to grow. With ingredients such as vitamin c, pro-vitamins B5 and magnesium, restolin can do just that. In fact, restolin users have been found to have increased hair growth compared to people who have taken a placebo.